Airbrush workshop in school

Airbrush painting lesson in school. It’s surprising what you can achieve in a short time with proper guidance. Our programmes are government endorsed with grant eligibility

Pastel portrait workshop

Portraiture is one of the more difficult things to draw yet alone colour, but we have a method for making it easy to understand with all materials provided. Our program is endorsed by NAC/AEP and eligible for Tote Board grant.

Batik painting experience in schools resume

Feeling blessed to be back in schools to conduct our regular batik workshops again after the Covid-19 circuit measures. we observed safety protocol, keep it safe and simple for everyone to learn the art of batik painting. we can make it very brief or very elaborate depends on how much the school wants to achieve.

Yio Chu Kang Secondary School Graffiti Project

We were commissioned by the school to do graffiti at the front of the school wall. The design of the graffiti showcases the school's excellence in performing arts ranging from theater to dance. A big thank you to the school for having the confidence in us to do graffiti at the school wall, Mr Gerald Yip who... Continue Reading →

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