Watercolor lessons online

Watercolor painting class taught online via Zoom to student who are mostly in school and some at home. Learning a few more tricks for a smooth delivery and getting the fight gadget mix. We're getting quite comfortable with online teaching.

Introduction to Pastel Portraiture online class

Online workshops, E-CCA, whatever it takes to share the art - we have to keep on moving with the new normal. A pastel portrait drawing workshop for an art club. Introduction to beginners on how to use pastels effectively. Step by step tutorial to draw a portrait.

Arts Education Programme 2009 at Bartley Secondary School

The school organized an arts festival for their students as part of their post-exam activities. The students got to sign up a wide range of art activities, ranging from performance arts to visual arts. For us, we were there to conduct 2 workshops, Batik Painting, basic and intermediate, and Urban Calligraphy.

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