Tanjong Goodman Open House 2016 at Goodman Arts Centre

As part of the Tanjong Goodman Open House 2016, we opened our doors to the public for an exciting visual arts experience. We hosted many colourful art activities which included a face painting workshop, live caricature drawing and multiple community batik sessions. The events we held at Goodman Arts Centre.

Community Batik Workshop for Syniverse Technologies

Organised a community batik workshop for the staff from Syniverse Technologies. The community batik workshop conducted at our studio in Goodman Arts Centre was part of their team-building activity. The staff were introduced to the history and culture of batik painting before starting to paint the community batik.

Cartoon Characters Creation Workshop at Canossian School (AEP)

Conducted a cartoon characters creation workshop for the children at Canossian School. The workshop, one of our art enrichment programmes, encourages children to use their imagination as they are inventing their own cartoon characters, while being introduced to the basics of cartoon drawing.

Batik Workshop at St Stephen School

Held a batik workshop for the students at St Stephen School. The very young students were very excited and enthusiastic about creating their own batik pieces of art. The pre-waxed mini batik that they painted on does not involved any hot waxing, making it very safe and suitable for all ages. Overall, it was a... Continue Reading →

Mini Batik Painting Workshop at Tampines Secondary School

We held a mini-batik painting workshop at Tampines Secondary School for students and their family members. The session proved to be a great time for families to bond together over a creative and engaging activity such as batik painting. Our pre-waxed mini batik designs are suitable for all ages, allowing for every family member to... Continue Reading →

Batik Painting Workshop at Kamal Arts Ltd Studio

We conducted a workshop for a group of ladies interested in learning batik painting. The participants were exposed to the history and culture of traditional batik painting and were fully immersed in the creation of their own batik pieces. The creation techniques include drawing the design using hot wax and painting using batik dyes.

Children Caricature Workshop at Pasir Ris Community Centre

This workshop was organised by AMP for children from under-privileged families. We drew some for inspiration.    

Cartoon and Caricature Drawing Workshop at CHIJ Toa Payoh (SEC)

A demonstration to the students by Kamal as he does it in 10 mins! A demonstration to the students by Kamal as he does it in 10 mins! One of the few girls that got to acquire a 'Kamal's' caricature drawing.

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