In-School Caricature Drawing Class for CCA Students

Learning to observe the face for distinctive features and nailing the likeness with lightning speed. The teacher was kind enough to be the model for a 10 minute demonstration. Such a delight to be drawing with a lovely bunch post-pandemic. Comparatively, it was awkward teaching online as you don’t get depth perception when drawing from... Continue Reading →

Programme for Active Learning (PAL Prog) at Jurong West Primary School

For the second year at Jurong West Primary School, we were once again engaged to conduct their PAL(Programme for Active Learning) programme. This time it was for their Primary 3 students. For this semester we embarked on an interesting project with the school. PAL programme which intends to improve primary school education making it more... Continue Reading →

Cartoon Drawing Course at Zhonghua Primary School

One step for learning how to draw caricature is to understand the basics of cartoon drawing, especially for children. We conducted cartoon drawing session for all the primary three students at Zhonghua Primary School. Over five sessions in September, students were exposed to the fun of cartoon drawing by our artist-instructors. Children at that age... Continue Reading →

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