Dyeing Adventure – Batik Indigo Dyeing Workshop @ Malay Heritage Centre

Batik Indigo Dyeing Workshop By Kamal Arts Held At Malay Heritage Centre Batik Indigo Dyeing Workshop - Batik is always an exotic and intriguing art medium. We were at Malay Heritage Centre conducting a batik workshop using indigo as the dyeing medium. Visit MHC’s FB to find out more or sign up for the programme... Continue Reading →

Mini Batik Painting Workshop at Tampines Secondary School

We held a mini-batik painting workshop at Tampines Secondary School for students and their family members. The session proved to be a great time for families to bond together over a creative and engaging activity such as batik painting. Our pre-waxed mini batik designs are suitable for all ages, allowing for every family member to... Continue Reading →

Batik Painting Workshop at Kamal Arts Ltd Studio

We conducted a workshop for a group of ladies interested in learning batik painting. The participants were exposed to the history and culture of traditional batik painting and were fully immersed in the creation of their own batik pieces. The creation techniques include drawing the design using hot wax and painting using batik dyes.

Batik workshop at Assumption Pathway School

We conducted 8 sessions of batik painting workshop at Assumption Pathway School. The session consists of learning the use of tjanting, applying the wax onto the cloth and remove of the wax from the cloth. Lastly, the students completed a 3 metre batik painting for a classroom banner. Students learn to cooperate with their friends... Continue Reading →

Community Batik at Anderson Secondary School

Anderson Secondary School invited us for their school art event which they organize every year. This is a day to let the students enjoy and be themselves after completing their exams. This time around the school engage us to conduct a batik painting workshop again. Unlike earlier this year where it was classroom based, we... Continue Reading →

Batik Painting Workshop @ Telok Kurau Secondary School

A post-exam activity for these Sec 2 students. A one day workshop where the students experience batik painting.

Batik Painting Course at NAFA 2008: 4th Intake

This part-time art enrichment course runs over 8 evening sessions. It covers basic to intermediate skills in batik painting techniques. If you are keen to sign up for the programme, please enquire with Nafa’s continuing education department or call 6512 4214 / 6512 4216.    

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