Dyeing Adventure – Batik Indigo Dyeing Workshop @ Malay Heritage Centre

Batik Indigo Dyeing Workshop By Kamal Arts Held At Malay Heritage Centre Batik Indigo Dyeing Workshop - Batik is always an exotic and intriguing art medium. We were at Malay Heritage Centre conducting a batik workshop using indigo as the dyeing medium. Visit MHC’s FB to find out more or sign up for the programme... Continue Reading →

Lunch time Batik Painting Workshop

Lunch time batik workshop for staff. Everyone is happy because they had a therapeutic experience that helps to relieve stress.

Batik Painting Workshop for Team-bonding Event

Teambonding retreat batik painting workshop. Two hours of art class that's fun & relaxing for department get togethers.

Batik Painting Workshop for Staff Retreat

Staff retreat batik painting workshop. I extended the theory part a bit longer as they are really keen to know about the culture and various types of batik.

HKBU Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School

25 students from Hong Kong came to visit Singapore on a learning journey. Their last stop before going back to Hong Kong was a visit to our studio to do batik painting.

Batik Painting Course at NAFA 2008: 4th Intake

This part-time art enrichment course runs over 8 evening sessions. It covers basic to intermediate skills in batik painting techniques. If you are keen to sign up for the programme, please enquire with Nafa’s continuing education department or call 6512 4214 / 6512 4216.    

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