Water Marbling on Socks

Click to watch video of our Wearable art workshop of marbling on socks. The art workshop was for customers of the fashion brand HUGO at their boutique in ION Orchard. The socks are wearable and completed and dried within the session. Every one can do this and each will have their own colour preferences. An... Continue Reading →

Basic to Intermediate Batik Painting Lessons

Our student today hail from St Louis, Missouri, USA. She and her daughter attended the basic introduction course in the morning. She came back after lunch and continued with the intermediate module where she gets to work a bigger size cloth, apply advance waxing techniques, fix the dye and boil off the wax. Our programme... Continue Reading →

Corporate Cultural Activity for SMU

Undergrads and faculty members attended a corporate cultural activity for bonding with colleagues during this phase of working-from-home. Batik painting kits were delivered prior to the workshop and we had a wonderful sharing the beauty of batik and how to appreciate them, also guiding them to complete a batik painting from our gallery full of batik art.

Art Therapy for Special Needs

Art therapy at a home for special needs. The residents are always looking forward to Tuesday morning sessions with us. Art and craft activities especially batik painting and tie&dye. They get to display it beautifying their surroundings. special needs batik workshop

Mini-Batik Painting workshop at Boon Lay Primary School

Held a mini-batik painting workshop at Boon Lay Primary School for both students and their parents. The participants were each given a pre-waxed mini batik design to complete using our traditional batik dyes. The designs were already pre-waxed onto the cloth thus no hot-waxing is required by the students.

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