Kita Ada... (or in English - We Have...) is a series of up-close-and-personal sessions of getting to know the movers of the Singapore Malay Arts scene. We are piloting this series with GENDANG AKUSTIKA - an urban-based Malay folk music ensemble in Singapore. Gendang Akustika, led by the highly regarded Syafiqah 'Adha Sallehin, aspires to... Continue Reading →

Our Gallery hosted Joyce and Zin Yan

FROM HERE: Reimagining Expressions - brings together two Singapore-based visual artists, Joyce Chong and Chua Zin Yan, who found new meaning and artistic expressions during the pandemic. Every now and then we find the courage to redefine our status quo and to push beyond our personal boundaries, especially in times of adversity. For Joyce Chong,... Continue Reading →

Team Bonding Art Activity for Company Retreat

The amazing sense of achievement in creating art together from scratch. Hard to imagine at the start they would produce large batik paintings and a personal piece of authentic batik art. The team building batik painting introduces participants to what is batik fabric and batik-paintings in our multi cultural society. They will be taught by... Continue Reading →

Shibori Indigo Handkerchief Workshop

The final session with NT students on fabric art was introducing them to the oldest dye known to mankind by way of Shibori - the Japanese tie and dye techniques. They explored folding and clamping methods instead of pole ties. We also touched on a bit of science in explaining the indigo dying process. Besides... Continue Reading →

Happy Hippies – Tie Dye T-Shirt Project

Special programme for NT students exposing them to art in a practical and fun way. We did tie and dye for their third of our four sessions workshop exposing them to different kinds of fabric art. Everyone was pleasantly surprised unveiling their spiral pattern project. These are colourfast dye that they can wear and won’t... Continue Reading →

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