You may think its illegal but we teach Graffiti in schools. Graffiti Urban Art is an art enrichment programme endorsed by the National Arts Council and Ministry of Education.
Graffiti done responsibly is not a criminal act of vandalism but a work of art. More than just a lesson in art, this is an exposure to the contemporary urban trend in art. Popular with the youths, graffiti art is rapidly growing worldwide influencing contemporary fashion graphics and mass communication.
Our skilled artist (writers) will give a run down on the history, style and trends of graffiti art covering topics such as history, iconography, cartooning, stenciling, style writing and aerosol spray painting techniques. Learn the jargons and actually ‘bomb’ and ‘tag’ a ‘piece’ using actual aerosol spray painting on large panels or walls.
Actual spray painting with paint cans and special caps provided. The final product will be a permanent work of art done collectively by the students to brighten up the school environment.

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