Gallery Hire


A flexible white space for creative presentation. The space measures 100sqm (approx 13m x 7.6m), fully air conditioned, with CCTV, professional exhibition hanging system and track lights. Comfortably, it can host 120 persons in a standing event, or 100 person in seating arrangement.

Local artists can be assisted with exhibition/production management. Talk to us about our comprehensive service package.

A basic sound system (Samson Expedition XP208W) with one microphone and bluetooth playback function is included in the basic package.

Rates are as follows:

First hourSubsequent hour4-hours
Full Day
(9am – 10pm)

Equipment and Furniture usage charges (per day)

Full Sound System$250 per day18-channel mixer, speakers, subwoofer, foldbacks, 3 wired mics and cables for playback devices
Foldable Tables (each)$8 per day10Tablecloths available at $4 each per day
Chairs (each)$3 per day20Classroom type
Exhibition display boards (each)$5 per day12183 cm (L) x 122cm (H) on stands
Staging Platforms (each)$20 per day12Each Unit Dimension: 1000cm [L] x 1000cm [W] x 600cm/300cm [H]
*one time installation and dismantling
TV/ Monitor (each)$50 per day155″ on stand

Technical Support Manpower 
Usage of Kamal Arts Gallery comes with limited technical support. If technical support is required throughout the event, the following charges for one technician shall apply:

4-hour blockfull day [9am-10pm]Overtime Charges 
(before 9am and/or after 10pm) 
$150$400$40 (per hour) plus $50 for transport

Do contact us to discuss your plans. We are open to discuss discounts and collaborations too.

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