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Kamal Arts has been hosting batik painting experiences in Singapore since 2010. Formerly located at Goodman Arts Centre we have hosted many individuals, foreign tour groups, students, corporate team building, families and even birthday parties. We relocated to Wisma Geylang Serai in late 2019, for better synergy with the Malay arts and cultural activities. An easily accessible location with lots of eateries, visitors can enrich their experience with exposure to this unique enclave of the Singapore Malay population by visiting the Geylang Serai Market hawker centre and wet market via a connecting bridge. They can also learn more about the area by visiting the Geylang Serai Heritage Gallery within the building. Our Reviews from our clients has been encouraging.
These are the various batik-art programs we offer:
Available daily (by appointment) Session starts at 10am or 2pm.
Fee is $55 per module (2-hours). All materials provided.
Module 1 – Basic Batiking Techniques
Module 2 – Intermediate Batiking Techniques


2. Batik Practice Studio*

Available on Wednesday or Saturday only between 10am to 6pm
Fee is $10 per hour. Basic materials provided.
*Participants must have completed our module 1 & 2 batik course.


3. Batik Painting Kit

Batik-painting kit available at $12 each
See details and designs available at


4. Group Workshops for Tour / Corporate 

Book a program for your group. We host tours, corporate team bonding exercise or family parties.
Choose our basic batik painting programme or a customised programspecially tailored for your group.
*Discount available for tour agents/  events organiser/ special needs participants.


5. Community Batik

The Community Batik Project is a highly engaging group activity that is fun for everyone, creating a collective work of art. Popular at public events and corporate team-building sessions. The length of cloth and duration can vary according to your requirements. Upon completion, the artwork can be proudly installed at the work-place or public areas. This video link would give you a better understanding of the experience.
Fee is $1,500 nett (minimum) for standard engagement of 4 meter cloth x 3 hours
The price is for complete engagement package that include on-the-spot  waxing by artist, facilitation and materials, removal of wax and colour fixing. The finished cloth will be delivered unframed after treatment. Optional services are available according to your requirements.


6. School Art Enrichment Programme (NAC/AEP) 

We offer art excursion and the following workshop for schools. Our programmes are endorsed by the National Arts Council of Singapore; Arts Education Programme (NAC-AEP) and are eligible for the 50% Tote Board Arts Grant Subsidy. We have varied programmes for different levels from primary to secondary schools as well as tertiary institution, taught by qualified instructors.

The above are the Batik Art related AEP programmes. We also conduct other NAC approved art enrichment progams.

 Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be pleased to suggest or customise a suitable programme that meet your needs.


 7. Batik Demonstration

A showcase of batik painting. An artist set-up with artefacts and samples to talk about batik painting, 

answer questions and guide participant in some hands-on experience of batik making.

Batik demonstration cost $300 (First Hour) + $200 (subsequent hour). 

Note: this is for events at your venue not in our studio.

 Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be pleased to suggest or customise a suitable programme that meet your needs.


 8. Pre-School Studio Excursion

A Preschool field trip to a Batik painting studio is a 1.5 hours programme where students will be introduced to traditional attire of the Malay community, the art and process of batik painting. It includes hands-on activity of painting their very own mini-batik painting to bring home. Wisma Geylang Serai is an interesting place for students to be exposed to the Malay arts and culture of the Singapore Malay Community. Our studio is connected to the Geylang Serai hawker centre and wet market. A sensory delight to experience of sound and colours of Geylang Serai. There is also a museum in the building for students to learn about the area.
Cost: $15 per child. No charge for accompanying teachers/ adult.

We would love to have you with us and look forward to see you soon. Call us at 63443369 or drop us an email


Mini Batik Painting
Mini Batik Painting

Mini Batik Painting
Mini Batik Painting


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