Showing at 'Not-that-balai' in KL, Malaysia

Notthatbalai 2007 is an independent arts festival in Kuala Lumpur, held from Fri (20 July) to 5 August. Singapore art collective p-10 has been invited as guest curator, and they’re putting up a new visual art exhibition entitled ‘Happy Together‘, which will be shown in 2 different locations in KL:

Lost Generation Space and 67 Tempinis Gallery.
The official opening of notthatbalai 2007 will be held on
Sat (21 July) at Lost Generation Space.

I am happy to have one of my earlier brick series batik-installation featured here. P-10 states: ‘Happy Together’ is an exhibition of artworks by Singaporean and Singapore-based artists which seeks to explore the relationships between artists, their artworks and the audience. The artists featured are Li Cassidy-Peet; Cheo Chai Hiang; Amanda Heng, Twardzik Ching Chor Leng and Vincent Twardzik Ching; Jeremy Hiah; Ho Tzu Nyen; Kamal Dollah; Kai Lam; Lee Sze-Chin; Lim Kok Boon; Gilles Massot; Tang Ling Nah; Woon Tien Wei and Joshua Yang.
I really wish I could be there but I have too many workshops now. If you could make the trip, it will be worth it as at the same time in KL, TK Sabapathy is curating the commemorative exhibition for Redza Piyadasa, entitled Piyadasa: The Malaysian Series. This will be held at Galeri Petronas, also from 20 July to 5 August. The opening reception will be held on Thu (19 July).

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