Alamak x Lil Pink Devil x Killer Gerbil

Collaboration for day 1 of Lil Pink Devil’s project entitled ‘The Wall Street Journal’ at Nafa. ‘Alamak’ is my graffiti tag.

4 thoughts on “Alamak x Lil Pink Devil x Killer Gerbil

  1. Hello Esteban,
    What school? Though I teach at Nafa – Graffiti is not taught there. I learnt it through studying other writers and doing plenty of art practices in any medium. The program is our own free will driven by undying passion for expressing ourself through art. For a beginners, going to an art school helps.

  2. Hi Kamal,
    Really cool blog… like most on the graffitti workshop section… very
    very experimental… hope your “master’s” studies is going well…

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